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W.O.D. is the no-limits exercise experience that perfectly joins strength and training for incredible power impact. W.O.D enlists quick-paced and varied concentration stations where muscles are challenged, stimulated and stretched, offering you the ability to experience mountaintop performance.

At W.O.D. Unlimited, our name IS our definition. We offer you the tools and support to help you reach your greatest fitness potential. W.O.D. is the strength and conditioning program designed to take any exercise enthusiast to power and endurance extremes.


As a longstanding training program for law enforcement, military, martial artists and professional athletes around the world, W.O.D. can be used by anyone interested in maximizing their strength capacity. Drawing on the most diverse and effective training regimes possible, the W.O.D. Unlimited coaches create fitness programs designed with the intensity that helps you reach your peak. Whether you are an avid sports extremist, amateur MMA competitor, stay-at-home mom or older individual working to conquer muscular degeneration, W.O.D. Unlimited offers the best program design and strength concentration for you.


Our experienced coaches work to challenge each muscle group at its highest level, moving each of our clients through the rigors that bring commanding results. Our classes and members work to challenge one another and themselves as they mark their progress. At W.O.D. Unlimited located in Milpitas CA (10 miles from San Jose, CA), we offer the highest-quality open and small group training programs to meet any strength and conditioning goal. If the mountaintop is where you have your fitness goal set, the coaches and programs at W.O.D. Unlimited will help get you there.