Unlimited Fit Team: Outrigger Canoe Paddle Day

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A couple of weeks ago members of the Unlimited Fit Team spent their Sunday morning learning how to paddle a canoe as part of their Tough Mudder training. The team met up with the Kilohana Outrigger Canoe Club in Redwood City.

Shouts to Clara Lim for taking the time to share with us a recap of their day:

Last Sunday, a few of us from Unlimited headed to Redwood City to take our workout outside of the gym,

and enjoy the spring weather. Thanks to Coach Mike, it was an opportunity for most of us to try outrigger canoeing for the first time and train together for our upcoming Tough Mudder challenge.

Note to self: why did I let myself get talked into doing Tough Mudder again?

I had feelings of excitement about experiencing something new with friends, but didn’t know what to expect.

When we arrived, the Kilohana Outrigger Canoe Club welcomed us with smiles and taught us the basics of paddling before we hit the bay water. We were then split into 3 teams, got into our canoes, and started to practice the paddling technique. Canoeing is a team sport, so we were each given a role to play and then guided by an experienced paddler and steerman.

As we learned the technique, it was clear how important it was to work as a team in unison with another. Regardless of the power of your paddle, if you were not in unison with your teammates, the impact was not effective. With the rhythmic shouts of “hut”, “hut”, “ho” (the calls to prompt switching sides),

we paddled our way through the bay waters and competed against each other for bragging rights of the fastest team. After an hour more of improving our canoeing skills and trying outrace each other in short sprints, we came back to shore.

After the full body workout, our bellies were growling with hunger, or at least mine was.

We decided to eat Japanese ramen, reward ourselves with a glass of cold Sapporo, and cheer to the good team workout for the day.

The overload of carbs had us sleepy on the ride back home, but it was a great way end a fun-filled experience shared by folks from Unlimited! Additionally, the Kilohana Outrigger Canoe Club was gracious and equally hilarious with their competitive pokes and jabs at each other.

I couldn’t believe they spent their Sunday teaching a bunch of newbies this cultural sport.

It just goes to show that when you have a love and passion for something, you just want to share and experience it with others.

video credit: Mic Pacis

If you didn't know---the Unlimited Fit Team is a group of Unlimited members currently training to get ready for Tough Mudder in Lake Tahoe on June 13. There will be a few more outdoor training sessions like this one---contact Coach Mic Pacis for more information.

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