Meet our Coach: Mo Dotson

I had the pleasure of interviewing Crossfit Coach Mo Dotson (through Facebook), where I learned a couple of things about him---from his favorite animal to what type of music he likes to listen to when he's working out.


Mo Dotson was born in Goch, Germany on April 25th 1985 ( please make note that his birthday is coming up!), and grew up in Winton, California. Mo first attended San Joaquin Delta College then moved to Humboldt State on a Football Scholarship. He finished up his last years of school at Menlo College to play football and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management.

Aileen: Have you always been into Fitness?

Coach Mo:I've pretty much been into fitness since I was in high school. It started my freshman year in football. I played running back and I needed to put on size and get stronger.

A: When did you start CrossFit? what made you decide to get a certification?

M: I started Crossfit in February of 2012. I still remember that I never wanted to do Crossfit because I felt I would lose size and strength. My first ever workout was "FRAN" 21-15-9 (thrusters @95 and pull ups), and I was struggling. I didn't know how to kip so I did strict pull-ups. My time was 8:48---for me it was a struggle!!

I got my Level 1 Certification to learn more about Crossfit. I needed to establish proper form and technique into my workouts. I needed to learn more about the dynamics of Crossfit and what it consisted of. It was something that I needed to do to familiarize myself with Crossfit.

A: If it were not for CrossFit, what do you think you would do for a living or where do you think you would be in life?

M: If I wasn't doing Crossfit I probably would still be doing my normal workout routine, but I would still be a personal trainer. I like to help people reach their goals and change their lifestyle.

A: What is your favorite Benchmark workout?

M: My favorite benchmark workout is FRAN. It's a quick sprint workout that focuses on the entire body.

A: What do you consider when you're doing the programming for Unlimited's Crossfit class?

M: When I'm programming the WOD's for class I think about what people need to work on. If it’s a form of an Olympic lift or a general short or long tem domain WOD. I take all of the different focuses into consideration and implement each into a daily workout that I create for the class.

A: What is your favorite song or station to listen to when you workout?

M: It varies. Bay Area rap when I'm doing met-cons, and Metallica when I'm doing strength. The intensity of the music gets me going.

A: Describe your diet....what's your favorite treat meal?

M: I follow the Zone Diet. It's one part protein, one part carbohydrate, one part fat. It depends on your weight and build--you want to take in the right amount of blocks i.e. servings per meal. My favorite treat meal is a nice fat Burger!

A: If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?

M: I would be an eagle. They are one of the smartest animals in the world--they do everything with a certain stature of excellence.

A: If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?

M: I would tell my younger self to just keep striving in what you want to do. You are still young and you have a few years to think about your future. If you know what you really want don't let anything stop you!

A: What do you love about coaching?

M: Two words: Helping others That feeling you get when someone is doing something that they never thought they could accomplish in their lifetime--and you've helped them reach their goal.

Coach Mo is currently participating in the Crossfit open workouts. Good luck Coach!

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