Kids and Juniors 



Our Kids & Junior Kickboxing program offers the chance for your young child to develop: self esteem, self-discipline, confidence, physical fitness and coordination. Our goals at UNLIMITED MMA are to develop our students into not only well rounded martial artists but also develop their character and work ethic. Through training students will learn respect for others and for themselves, hard work and discipline. They will also learn how to work as a team with other students as well as setting goals and achieving them. Our program focuses on the art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) , which is geared toward knowledge, technique, defensive and offensive skills. The first level begins with basic punching, kicking, and clinching techniques. Testing is required for advancement to assure that proper training skills are learned with consistent attendance. Light contact is required to apply proper technique and application. As students advance, training and sparring is geared toward competition. (Uniform and gear is required. Safety comes first!)