Cardio and Conditioning




Kickboxing Conditioning (Level 1 Training)

An intense session of high energy, high impact, total body conditioning. This class is for people who want to get in shape and learn martial arts. Kickboxing Conditioning teaches the fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing, heavy bag training, floor conditioning, and partner drills. Kickboxing is the most popular fitness program in the nation for a reason: This session burns calories, is excellent for strength & conditioning, builds lean muscle, tones & conditions your body from head to toe, increases flexibility, and teaches self-defense skills! Experience what the hype is all about! (Gloves required).


Focus  Mitts & Thai  Pads (Level 1)

The Focus Mitt class will improve your punching technique and combinations, while the Thai Pad class will have you kicking with power and precision. This class incorporates the time-honored systems with a resistance circuit to help sculpt and define your body. (Gloves required)


Crosskick (Level 1-2)

These classes are for those wanting to take their workout to the next level. CrossKick includes advanced Thai Pad training, Cardio & Strength training, CrossFit methods, and much more!


Muay Thai (Level 1)

This class is geared to teach basic offensive and defensive striking techniques as well as footwork and strategy. Each class will start with conditioning and Thai Pads to keep students conditioned and sharp. The class also consists on light contact drills to prepare students for live action sparring in the Level 2 and Fight Program classes. (shinguards are required)