Programs and Class descriptions



Kickboxing Conditioning (Level 1 training)
An intense session of high energy, high impact, total body conditioning. This class is for people who want to get in shape and learn martial arts. Kickboxing Conditioning teaches the fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing, heavy bag training, floor conditioning, and partner drills. Kickboxing is the most popular fitness program in the nation for a reason: This session burns calories, is excellent for strength & conditioning, builds lean muscle, tones & conditions your body from head to toe, increases flexibility, and teaches self-defense skills! Experience what the hype is all about! (Gloves required).



Focus Mitts & Thai Pads (level 1)
The Focus Mitt class will improve your punching technique and combinations, while the Thai Pad class will have you kicking with power and precision. This class incorporates the time-honored systems with a resistance circuit to help sculpt and define your body. (Gloves required)



CrossKick (Level 1-2)
These classes are for those wanting to take their workout to the next level. CrossKick includes advanced Thai Pad training, Cardio & Strength training, CrossFit methods, and much more!



FIGHT PROGRAM (Muay Thai Level 2 Pad Training) 

Fight Team Pad Training  (Level 2 training)

Pad Training will improve your punching technique and have you kicking with power and precision. This class incorporates time-honored systems with a few new twists.  This class will not only deliver excellent conditioning but also make your striking more explosive and effective! Pad Training is designed to give you the best in technique and conditioning while learning effective techniques for the Ring or the Cage!



Learn to use the skills like the pros! This class is geared to teach offensive and defensive techniques in a controlled environment. Each class incorporates fundamentals of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing. Light to moderate contact is applied to insure effectiveness and integrity of the drills. This is the introductory part of fighting in competition, where students develop confidence and self-defense abilities.



GI / No Gi Brazilian Jui-Jitsu (Level 1-2 training)
Gi / No Gi Brazilian Jui-Jitsu is a martial art and combat sport that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting with the goal of gaining a dominant position and using joint-locks and chokeholds to force an opponent to submit. It promotes the principle that a smaller, weaker person using leverage and proper technique can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent.



WRESTLING (Level 1 & 2)

This class is designed to prepare students for competition in the ring or the cage!  Each class incorporates the fundamentals of Wrestling, Kickboxing, and Boxing as well as ground and pound, positioning, and escapes.  The majority of this class involves rounds that are a mixture of stand up/clinch/ground. As such, it’s recommended that a solid base in the fundamentals of those ranges be developed (through Conditioning/Kickboxing/Jiu-Jitsu classes) to be able to fully benefit and safely participate for anyone wishing to compete in MMA. Clinch & Takedowns – offense/defense. Learning to use, as well as defend against takedowns and strikes in MMA. (from outside range & against the wall). Ground – grappling training with modified strategies that the element of striking and ground and pound brings unto the Submission ground game.




Kids Kickboxing (Ages 4-10) Junior Kickboxing (Ages 11-17)
Our Kids & Junior Kickboxing program offers the chance for your young child to develop: self esteem, self-discipline, confidence, physical fitness and coordination. Our goals at UNLIMITED MMA are to develop our students into not only well rounded martial artists but also develop their character and work ethic. Through training students will learn respect for others and for themselves, hard work and discipline. They will also learn how to work as a team with other students as well as setting goals and achieving them. Our program focuses on the art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) , which is geared toward knowledge, technique, defensive and offensive skills. The first level begins with basic punching, kicking, and clinching techniques. Testing is required for advancement to assure that proper training skills are learned with consistent attendance. Light contact is required to apply proper technique and application. As students advance, training and sparring is geared toward competition. (Uniform and gear is required. Safety comes first!)




FAST FIT ASSAULT AIR BIKE CIRCUIT  TRAINING consists of 30 1-minute exercises. It starts with a fast-paced minute on the Air Assault Bike followed by one minute off, doing an intense weight or body weight exercise. Then it’s back on the Air Assault for another minute. Then another minute off. Repeat this cycle for 30 rounds




W.O.D. is the no-limits exercise experience that perfectly joins strength and training for incredible power impact. W.O.D. enlists quick-paced and varied concentration stations where muscles are challenged, stimulated and stretched, offering you the ability to experience mountaintop performance. At W.O.D. Unlimited, our name IS our definition. We offer you the tools and support to help you reach your greatest fitness potential. W.O.D. is the strength and conditioning program designed to take any exercise enthusiast to power and endurance extremes.